Founded in 2003, Mackinaw Power has played an integral role in the development of renewable energy in Michigan.  Founder and President, Rich Vander Veen, lead the development efforts to develop the first privately financed wind power project in the Great Lakes, which received unanimous approvals by Mackinaw City, Emmet County, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and the first PPAs signed by Consumers Energy that launched the CMS Green Power Pilot Program in 2002.  This program was sold out from day one, and the Project was constructed on time and on budget, achieving Commercial Operation December 3, 2001.

Today, the Mackinaw City Wind Project has contributed to the State of Michigan, Mackinaw City and the Northern Michigan Community in a variety of ways.  The 1.8 MW Project has produced more than 31,536,000 kWh’s of clean, renewable electricity for the area while providing lease payments and tax revenue to Mackinaw City.  The Project has also kept 297,700 lbs. of Sulfur Dioxide, 67,471,272 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide and 218 lbs. of high-level Nuclear Waste from entering the atmosphere.

Mackinaw Power is currently working on various wind projects throughout Michigan and the Upper Midwest.  Mackinaw Power seeks to add triple bottom line value to every community in which it works.  Through public meetings, tours of wind projects, meetings with individual landowners and educational programs for students within the community, Mackinaw Power truly looks to add value to the community at every turn.

We look forward to continuing the promotion of wind development across the United States and to bring economic, environmental and social value to every community we work with for future generations.